BOP Accumulator Units

BOP Accumulator Units

Sara's BOP Accumulator Units meet or exceed the design specification as specified in API 16D. Each control system is specifically engineered to assure reliable control of the BOP stack with adequate reserve for continuous operation under emergency conditions. Sara welcomes the opportunity to assist you in the proper selection of standard equipment or custom design to meet your application and certification requirements.

BOP Accumulator Units Manufactured by: sarasae

BOP Accumulator Units

Model Number Identification System

This system shown here is for Air Remote Control Panel operation. Sara systems that are designed to meet API 16D must have Air-Electric Remote Control Panels if they are used on Offshore Drilling Rigs.

Remote Panel

PLC Based, Touchscreen Driven, Remote Panel System for BOP Accumulator Unit

BackgroundRemote Panel System

Handles high temperatures up to 60 C

The display panels currently used in the accumulator system were first designed in the 1980’s. Due to the level of technology available, the panels were controlled by pneumatic, electrical or both power sources.

On pneumatic panels, control was received via valve operation of the cylinders on the Accumulator Unit. Electric lights in the panels functioned as valve indicators. Electrical panels used a system of relays and contacts that were configured to establish the valve operation logic.

Easy rig up and rig down these panels functioned well for some time, but contained various intrinsic flaws. As Accumulator Unit safety became increasingly important, the remote panels required quicker response time and the ability to log and diagnose problems before they occurred.

Accordingly, a new panel design with faster and smarter control capability was needed. Sara’s control keeps the best features and reliability of its predecessors, while overcoming the flaws that inherent in the older panels.

Remote Panel System
Remote Panel System
Remote Panel System


  • Explosion proof for Class I Div. I or Class I Div. II
  • Air cooler for higher temperatures
  • Logging of functions and alarms
  • Air and battery back up
  • Minimum rig-up time; no air hose
  • System can be retrofitted on existing units
  • System can set secondly pressure units
  • System can set minimum and maximum gauge readings
  • Time zones can be set for accurate logging
  • Impact resistant IR touchscreen
  • Help Screen included for diagnostics without opening the panel

BOP Remote Panel System


  • Visual indications of valve position
  • Audible and visual alarm for low accumulator pressure, low manifold pressure, low rig air pressure and low reservoir fluid level
  • Push buttons from open/close function with master push button for two hand operation
  • Push buttons for high/low function of bypass valve
  • Push buttons for raise/lower annular regulator pressure setting
  • Push button for lamp test

Remote Panel System


  • Wireless capability for remote communications
  • Permits remote monitoring of Unit Status
  • Communications via Optical fiber Cable
  • Screen displays with reduced sun glare
  • Communication via Co-axial Cable
  • Communication via Ethernet touchscreen or Gauges.

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